Thursday, October 26, 2017

Give your colleagues a shout out – they could win a prize!

The “Collaborative Space” board in Carruthers Hall is a great place to show your colleagues a little appreciation: just jot a quick note on the board or use one of the “You Rock” sheets, or one of the new UVAFinance mission-specific shout out sheets.

Shout-outs on the Collaborative Space in Carruthers Hall
Beginning last month, the Employee Engagement Committee randomly draws two winners from the Collaborative board – anyone whose name is included on any kind of shoutout on the board is eligible to win, provided there’s a reason for the shout out included.

If you’re outside of Carruthers, please feel free to send your shout outs (and the reason behind them) to Brandi Van Ormer, and she will gladly post it for you.

The new “recognition raffle” will take place every Finance Shirt Friday, just like the Spirit Raffle, and after the winners are chosen each month, the board will be cleaned off for a new round of shout outs and new chances to win.

So go on, give a colleague a shout out -- It only takes a minute to recognize your co-workers and spread some encouragement!

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