Monday, October 22, 2018

Donation Drive at Carruthers Hall

from Mara Hilliar and Stacey Rittenhouse

UVA’s Exceptional Assistants’ Network (EAN) Fall Community Service Initiative

Beginning October 22nd and continuing through November 14th, UVA’s EAN will be collecting donations for Charlottesville’s Shelter for Help in Emergency. 

The Shelter for Help in Emergency is committed to providing a safe, supportive, confidential and respective environment in which survivors of domestic violence can seek services.

Carruthers Hall is hosting a collection box which you will find in the coffee break area right next to the UVA Finance Corner bookshelf. The Shelter’s Wish List includes:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Tissues
  • Laundry Detergent Pods (HE only)
  • Dish Detergent
  • 13 Gallon Garbage Bags
  • Bath Towels
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Grocery Gift Cards
  • Pharmacy Gift Cards
  • CAT Bus Tickets (available at C’ville City Hall)
  • Old and/or Broken Cell Phones

If you want to donate gift cards or give cash towards gift cards, please see either Mara Hilliar or Stacey Rittenhouse.

The 2018 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign is underway!

The CVC is an annual workplace giving opportunity for state employees to donate to nearly 1,000 charities, many of which serve the local community.

CVC runs Oct. 1 thru Dec. 20 (online ends Dec. 20).

How to give: 
  • Give online here:
  • Return your pledge card in its red envelope to Stacey Rittenhouse in the VP Finance Suite.
You can donate by cash, check, payroll deduction, credit card or stock gifts. Salaried employees may choose to give through payroll deduction. Payroll deductions begin with the first paycheck in January 2019 and end with the last paycheck in December 2019. Salaried employees may also pledge with a one-time deduction in January.  Wage employees may pledge with cash, check, credit card or stock.

Last year, UVA employees contributed $1 million, and 9 out of the top ten charities benefited the Charlottesville area. $15 million  has been raised since 1997.

For more information please visit the CVC website at

PSDS Welcomes Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood, new to PSDS.  Wood
also serves on UVA's Staff Senate and
serves as Membership Director, Co-
chair, of the Staff Senate Executive
Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services is pleased to announce that Patrick Wood, formerly of the Office of Sponsored Programs, has joined their team as a Procurement Specialist. A University of Virginia employee since 2014, Wood has also worked in Printing and Copying Services and with the Administrative Services Group in UVAFinance.

In his new role, Wood will be a buyer for catering, athletics, and hotel services.

"I'm eager to learn everything it will take to perform my new role effectively," said Wood, noting that he has a great team supporting him as he gets acclimated.

Wood is no stranger to learning new things -- he successfully transitioned to administrative work at UVA from a 16-year career in Elementary education, and is also currently halfway through attaining his Project Management Professional certificate.

Feel free to stop by and welcome Wood officially back to the UVAFinance family soon. Just don't look for him on November 6, as he'll be out of the office performing his duties as an election official (for the tenth year!).

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Microsoft Teams: Kristin Floyd's User Story

Training sessions for Office365 Teams are available now!

Efficiency in Communications, Empowered to Share

by Kristin Floyd

I am currently using Microsoft Teams to administer, track and store all of the various projects the new Strategic Procurement Group is working on in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services.

Kristin Floyd of PSDS
This tool assists in our communications with our managers as they are able to go into the tool and review our projects at any time. It also gives us one platform to record information on our progress so that if any of our projects are interconnected, we can review their status without having to track each other down for a status update.

In addition, we are able to have a dedicated conversation board that tracks important ideas, notes, or discussions that we want to be able to search for and retrieve easily at a later date.
How many times have you thought – “but we discussed that at X-meeting already” but don’t have notes to prove it? Teams gives you a searchable Notebook to keep all your meeting notes.
Plus when we are doing research on the current manufacturing markets or reviewing strategy that other Universities used for a specific procurement we can store all that information in Teams as a Wiki or OneNote so that others in the team can see that information and share their research too.

Ultimately, Teams has made us more efficient in our sharing of information and our collaborations. It helps to empower me and those around me with information.

Check out an Office 365 training session soon!

Read more about training in this post.

Using Office 365

Office 365 is being used by more and more people across Grounds. Be proactive and learn how to use these tools for collaboration and productivity. This class will go over the basic navigation and some of the applications of Office 365. You will also see and hear how other UVAFinance professionals are already using Office 365 in their work.

The following sessions will be offered in Carr-1 &2 (register by logging into the Integrated System and then clicking the link for the session you want to attend).

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Updates from the Carruthers Hall Green Team

Composting Available

The Carruthers Hall Green Team (CHGT) has placed compost bins in several shared spaces around finance in addition to the bin in the upstairs break area.

The additional locations are as follows:
  • Downstairs by the sink/break area
  • One within SFS
  • One back in PSDS break area
  • One by the upstairs sink area
Please only put compostable materials in the bins such as food, paper products, wooden stir sticks, tea bags and more as listed on the bin itself.

If you are unsure your compostable k-cup is 100% compostable please put it in our K-Cup Recycle Bins!

Carruthers Hall is now Green Workplace Certified!  

Thanks to the Green Team's efforts and partnership with the UVA Office off Sustainability, we are now champions of sustainable practices. 

Thank you to everyone who helped!

Changes on the Green Team

Thank you to Mariah Kier for all she has done as Greet Team Lead.  We will miss you, Mariah!

Welcome to Heather Landes of Audit, who will serve as the new Team Lead.  We also welcome Judy DiVita as our new Leadership Sponsor.  Other new members include Jennifer Meyer and Linda Ferguson of ITS, John Rodgers of OSP, and Devin Foster of FP&A.

Have any ideas for the Green Team?  Please share below!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Announcing a new course: Lean in Daily Work

Would you like to learn practical ways to implement Lean strategies into your daily routine? Lean in Daily Work will provide you with practical, easy-to-implement strategies to make your current processes more efficient, leaving you with more time to innovate and create. Through hands-on activities and sharing practical examples, you will gain skills to help you:

• Use the 5S strategy for organization to help with identifying and eliminating waste and continuously improving processes;
• Document how you do your work using the Standard Work approach;
• Manage work through tools such as a Kanban Board; and
• Implement time saving ideas to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Completion of Lean Fluency is a prerequisite for this class. Two classes are currently scheduled: Wednesday, October 24, 3:00-4:30, and Monday, December 17, 10:30–12:00.

Log into Employee Self-Service and then click on this course link to enroll: Lean in Daily Work

Both Lean in Daily Work and Lean Fluency will be part of a UVAFinance Lean Certification which will be offered beginning in early 2019. In addition to these two classes, the certification will include another course, Advanced Lean, and Lean Labs, which will be focused on one specific Lean concept, approach, or tool. Completion of the certification will require successful completion of all three courses and at least 3 of the labs.

Get a head start by participating in Lean Fluency and Lean in Daily Work now!

Monday, October 8, 2018

The UVA Marketplace Registration Portal is now live!

The UVA Marketplace Registration Portal enables Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) to better manage the University's registration processes. More importantly, by improving our operations, we're reducing the time it takes to get a new supplier or non-supplier into the Marketplace. 

Here's what you can do:
  • Invite new suppliers to register with the University for Purchase Orders/payments
  • Register or invite new non-suppliers (research participants, honoraria recipients, individuals)
  • Request updates or add new sites for existing suppliers and non-suppliers

The UVA Marketplace Registration Portal is easy to use. We've put together a page full of information, training, and frequently asked questions to get you started:

Are you ready for Workday?

In three months, the advent of Workday will change the way we handle HR and Payroll tasks at UVA.

Workday has been on its way to us for quite a while now, and when change seems distant, it's easy for us to ignore its impending arrival. . . but go live is now on the horizon, and the Ufirst team has you covered with helpful information on their website and blog.

Information on the rollout, training, fun videos and key dates can all be found on the Ufirst site here:

New on Finance Matters for your listening pleasure

A plethora of new episodes of Finance Matters is available via the links below or on iTunes.  

                  Part One
                  Part Two


Teaser alert:  we've got a ton of new content scheduled for the upcoming weeks.  Watch for the following: 
  • What we learn from making with mistakes, featuring Lynne Schwar 
  • Cross-functional Teams, with guests Shannon Wampler and Joshua Breeden
  • Vulnerability as a Manager, featuring Sarah Doran

Got a great idea for a podcast?  Email Patty or Brandi!

Payroll Employees + Hours of testing = Correct pay when Workday goes live!

Click the image for a larger view

UVAFinance is working hard to make sure everyone gets paid correctly when Workday goes live.  This infographic breaks down the time and effort that goes into moving from three separate payroll systems to one in Workday.  

Lunch & Learn: Finance Online Community

The Finance Online Community is live and ready for your questions, ideas, and thoughts about Finance Strategic Transformation.  Have you logged in and checked it out?  If you'd like a little more information about how to use it, please come to our Lunch & Learn on October 24, from 12 - 1, in Carruthers Hall, Carr-1.  

Special Ticket Offer!

Virginia Football hosts ACC rival Pitt on Friday, Nov. 2 at Scott Stadium. Kickoff set for 7:30 p.m. Join us for University Night as we will honor the accomplishments and contributions of University faculty, staff, and students throughout the game!

UVA faculty and staff can save up to 58% on tickets for this game through the special link below. Go Hoos!


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Hoos Seen This?

Cool stuff around the University that you might've missed

In October 2018, UVA will host a pan-University Bicentennial Sustainability Leadership Summit to showcase the breadth of UVA’s interdisciplinary work in the multi-faceted realm of sustainability, and to collaboratively envision UVA’s longer-term role as a global sustainability leader. We invite you to join fellow alumni, students, faculty, and staff to commemorate our history and to share your voice in continuing and developing next steps for UVA’s leadership role in a sustainable future.  Check out the schedule and register here: 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

What are you waiting for? Visit the Community!

Have you visited the online Finance Community yet?  

Here's what you may have missed: 

Here's what you HAVEN'T missed:

Your opportunity to ask questions: Sure, we started off with an "Ask Me Anything" event, but you can and should ask questions about FST any time!  You can even post things you've heard others ask.  Visit the Questions section and ask away -- we're standing by to answer.

Your chance to submit ideas:  Our Ideas section is waiting for your thoughts on what processes might be candidates for improvement, whether it's in the eventual scope of FST or just a good continuous improvement project.  

Please Stand By: The Beauty of a Standup Meeting

Shorter meetings.
Easier coordination of efforts.
Understanding of shared goals.
Stronger team bonds.
Quicker fixes to problems and roadblocks.
Sharing of ideas.
Keeping everyone in the loop.
Fewer emails.

Don't all those things sound great, like things we definitely would want? (Especially that email one!?) What if I told you that in many cases, these things are achievable through the removal of chairs?

Okay, it may be a bit of an overstatement to say that just getting chairs out of your meetings will be the answer to all your woes, but Standup Meetings deployed correctly, can be a very effective way of making the most of your team's time, reducing confusion, and getting things done.

Standup Meetings reduce the lethargy that can come with having a comfy seat under you. The mood of a standup meeting is energetic, fast-thinking, and often fun. It's easier to connect with colleagues, and definitely easier to identify problems and make decisions. 

Read more after the jump!

FOC Welcomes Nasima Andesha

Finance Outreach and Compliance is pleased to announce that Nasima Andesha has joined their team. Many people will know Andesha from her time in Human Resources, where she worked for 16 years. Her background has encompassed a little bit of everything, from keying tax and direct deposit forms and approving UVA staff, faculty, and student salaries, to working with Discoverer for audit purposes.

In her new role as an Administrative Technician, she will primarily handle requests for responsibilities in eSharp so that requests move smoothly to the training team and supporting procurement by working with purchasing hierarchies. Andesha says she looks forward to learning more about eSharp in this new capacity.

When not at work, Andesha enjoys reading, gardening, movies, and spending time with her husband and their five-year-old twin girls.

From President James Ryan

Sharing your stories, getting your steps in. 

Did you miss these two announcements from President Jim Ryan? 

Check them out after the jump!

Fall Blood Drive at Carruthers Hall

Click image for larger view.

New in November from OE: Moving Agendas in the Clunky University

Who they calling clunky? :)  Click image for larger view.
  • Topic: Moving Agendas in the Clunky University
  • Presenter: Samuel Bacharach, McKelvey-Grant Professor at Cornell University
  • Date: Nov. 8, 2018
  • Time: 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
  • Location: Holloway Hall in Bavaro Hall
  • Info/Registration: For more info and to register, go to
  • Why Attend: Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about a template that leaders at all levels can use to create agility and synergy for the continuous organized flow of information and the movement of new ideas.
We hope that you’ll join us for these or future monthly Quality CORE Network events. To see additional upcoming events as they are added, visit the Quality CORE Network page.

Financial Planning & Analysis welcomes Andrew McGehee

Andrew McGehee
Andrew McGehee has joined FP&A in the role of Senior Financial Analyst. McGehee comes to FP&A from the Office of Sponsored Programs, where he served as a Post Award Accountant for over two years.

In his new role, he will work with our stakeholders in schools and units to perform cost analysis for the facilities and administrative rate (better known as the "F&A rate").

McGehee earned his BS in Business, Accounting and Information Systems from Virginia Tech in 2011, and is currently pursuing an MBA in Business Administration from James Madison University. He was spurred to pursue a spot on the FP&A team in order to use his financial background in public accounting a little more fully.

"Public accounting gave me a great base for understanding what goes into an organization's finances, and I'm glad I can use those skills in this role to help UVA Finance," he said.

McGehee had some exposure to the F&A process in OSP; in FP&A, he will help prepare the F&A rate proposal for the federal government, a task he looks forward to.

"I am excited to analyze the financial data and work on such a big project," he said.

"The work we do has a tremendous impact on the research community and the University as a whole."

When he's not focused on work or school, McGehee enjoys spending time with his wife and their 11-month-old, as well as fishing, hiking, and kayaking.

Looking for something?

For those of you who still haven't found what you're looking for.
Have you lost something recently or within the last year, hoping it has been found?

Well, look no further!

The front desk ‘Lost then Found’ box has everything from shoes, umbrellas, jewelry, notebooks, and more.

Stop by the front desk in Carruthers Hall to see if what you have lost has been found!

UVAFinance is looking for your suggestions: What's on your reading list?

Please share your book/website/blog/podcast suggestions to 

There's always room to improve: Continuous Improvement in UVAFinance

Probably nobody would argue with the idea that we can always strive to become better, and that focusing on improvement is a positive thing to do. What we don't always think about is how, if we really want to see tangible improvement results, we have to have a strategy.

That's where a culture of Continuous Improvement comes in.

Read more after the jump!

UVAFinance, meet your Wellness Champions!

UVAFinance is pleased to introduce your Wellness Champions!

Wellness Champions serve as a point of contact and liaison for UVA's Hoo's Well program and lead a healthy lifestyle by example.  Our new Wellness Champs will be involved with supporting and promoting Hoo's Well programming and will help keep us informed about events, offerings, and other announcements. 

Get to know your UVAFinance Wellness Champions after the jump!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Latest on BudgetUVA

The FP&A team recently led the Phase One launch of a new web form called BudgetUVA, designed to allow users to manage their operating budgets more easily and effectively. A cross-functional team with members from IT Enterprise Applications and CACS has been working together with FP&A for several months on this project, with many positive outcomes.

The project has also proven to be more complex than originally planned. BudgetUVA has interacted with both UBI and Recon@ in unexpected ways, as many of you may have encountered.

We realize that many of you rely on these tools daily to manage your fiscal activities, and are working quickly to resolve the issues you may have experienced. 

This is an opportunity for us to improve the way we coordinate and manage projects, especially as we approach Finance Strategic Transformation. We are planning a formal "lessons learned"/retrospective within the next few weeks. These meetings will include representation from UBI, Recon@, ITS EA/CACS teams, as well as functional leaders for Recon@ and school/unit representatives. We will share with you what we learn as a result of this process.


Updates, Info, and Questions: 

For the latest on  Recon@ impacts, please visit the ReconUVA website.
The UBI Community will post updates on budget reporting impacts.
For questions/concerns on BudgetUVA, please email 

New Online Course Available!

Introducing PO Shopper’s Guide to Finance Fundamentals, an online version of the instructor-led Finance Fundamentals at UVA course.

With the addition of this new course, if you only need access to a PO Shopper responsibility, you will be able get this access faster without having to wait for the instructor-led class by completing PO Shopper’s Guide to Finance Fundamentals.

Finance Fundamentals at UVA is an important introductory course that helps finance and business professionals better understand UVA’s financial systems, accounting structures, and internal controls. 

PO Shopper’s Guide to Finance Fundamentals covers the same material, including information on procurement systems and policies, but in a condensed, online format. Anyone is welcome to take this online class, but it is specifically targeted to employees seeking PO Shopper responsibilities (UVA PO Shopper-$1 and UVA PO Shopper>$1). Individuals requesting Viewer responsibilities may also find this content helpful.

This course is required for UVA PO Shopper>$1, and recommended for UVA PO Shopper-$1, and has been included as part of the Learning Path for both responsibilities. The instructor-led Finance Fundamentals at UVA is still a required course for access to the Integrated System for those requesting other Finance responsibilities, including PO Requester and PO Purchaser.

For more information on this class and other Finance training, visit 

If you have questions about either of these classes, email

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fresh new websites!

The Units formerly known as the Controller's Office and the Budget Office are pleased to announce their new sites.

We're happy to bring these updated sites to you, but it's about more than a fresh new look.

If you have suggestions on how our sites can be more useful and informative to you, please let us know!

Read on for a few highlighted features of each new site. 

More after the jump!

Lots of upcoming dates for UVAFinance

Read on for a quick recap of what's coming up (better get your calendar handy!).

all the details after the jump!

Want to learn more about the new Online Finance Community?

It's even more awesome in person.  :)
Log on here and see for yourself:

The online Finance Community, your home for all things Finance Strategic Transformation, is now live and ready for you to visit!

Hosted on the Jive platform and adjacent to the UBI Community, our new online space is teeming with project info, upcoming events, and so much more.

  • Have questions about Finance Strategic Transformation?  Post them as a part of our Ask Me Anything event!  Finance leadership will answer all questions between now and the end of September. 
  • Want more info about the Community?  Come to the Lunch and Learn on September 19.  
  • Just have a quick question?  Visit Office Hours!

Questions?  Concerns?  Trouble logging in?  Please contact -- we'll be happy to help!

UVA Faculty/Staff Discounts Available!

Have you checked out the benefits and discounts that UVA faculty and staff members receive? 

Visit  to see a full list of the offerings.  

Here are just a few: 
  • 20% football season tickets
  • UVA women's basketball, men's and women's soccer, baseball, and men's and women's lacrosse season tickets
  • DIM Rec Gym Memberships
  • JPJ Arena Tickets
  • UVA Drama
  • Weight Watchers
  • CAVPool Carpool

Be sure and scroll all the way down, so you don't miss any of the great offers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

UVAFinance: Need a lanyard for your badge?

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has already started wearing your ID!

Transforming our approach to learning

With the establishment of our vision, mission, and values, and the beginning of the Finance Strategic Transformation, comes an increased need to be able to connect our learning and development efforts directly to business outcomes.

In Finance Outreach and Compliance, we’ve been changing the way we design, deliver, and target training to:
  • Identify specific business needs and ensure training provides the solution
  • Include multi-phase learning to improve the learning experience
  • Ensure that learners are able to use and apply the skills and knowledge on the job
  • Establish a culture that supports and encourages the learning process
Read more after the jump!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

You've got questions, they've got answers!

Ask Them Anything in the online Finance Community

It's a great time to get your questions about Finance Strategic Transformation answered!

Between how and September 21 (DEADLINE EXTENDED!), everyone is invited to log into the online Finance Community for our "Ask Me Anything" event!

All you have to do is: 
1.  Log in:
2.  Visit the "Questions" tab and post your question(s) before September 21
3.  Keep your eyes peeled for one or more of our Finance Strategic Transformation leadership team (Melody Bianchetto, Jerry Burke, Nicole Ferretti, and James Gorman) to answer your question.

All questions will be answered by September 30.  

We'll also post and answer any anonymous questions submitted in the online suggestion box and the physical suggestion box from the Carruthers Hall cafe area.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Green on the Go

From the Carruthers Hall Green Team

Click to view the image at a larger size
You have lots of options to be greener when it comes to getting around Grounds, around Charlottesville, and even going out of town.  The image to the right, provided by UVA Parking & Transportation and the Office of Sustainability, will get you thinking about what options could work well for you.

Don't forget that you're guaranteed a ride home if you use alternative transportation:  check out the details at

Don't Miss SWaM Enterprise Day: September 18, Newcomb Hall Ballroom

Note:  This event is canceled  

Weather forecasts have Hurricane Florence passing through Charlottesville over the weekend with heavy rains, high winds, extensive flooding, and power outages across the area expected through the middle of next week. As much as we’d love to see you, we feel it prudent and wise to cancel the SWaM Day event scheduled for Sep 18. Be safe as you care for your friends, family, and neighbors during this storm.

Friday, August 17, 2018


Cool stuff around the University that you might've missed

The Vice President for Research has published their new edition of "Research by the Numbers." Shout out to all of our Research Administrators!  Check the new numbers out here.


Have you seen something cool at UVA that might be useful or interesting to your colleagues? Send it to and maybe we can share it in the blog!

Register now for Lean Fluency

We’re excited to announce the next Lean Fluency class, which will be held on Tuesday, September 25, 9:00-12:00, in Carruthers Hall, Conference Rooms 1 and 2. This course is designed to familiarize learners with the basics of Lean principles, vocabulary, and tools and is open to all, although UVAFinance employees have priority.

Description: You’ve probably heard colleagues talk about Lean but if you don't understand the concepts of Lean or know the terminology, it may seem like they are speaking a different language. If you feel like the intent of process improvement initiatives is being lost in translation, then register for Lean Fluency!

This course incorporates three phases of learning:
  • Phase 1 - Pre-workshop activities including watching 5 brief videos, creating a process map, and completing an exercise guide (will take approximately 1 hour)
  • Phase 2 - 3-hour facilitated workshop
  • Phase 3 - Post-workshop activities (will take 1-2 hours)

Here’s what a few participants from the pilot session have said about the class:
A must-take class! I really wanted to learn what everyone was talking about and so glad that I did. Don’t be put off by the 3-hour timeframe; there is so much information that is presented in a wide variety of formats that will keep you interested and engaged the whole time. I really appreciated the pre-class assignment, which prepared me to be successful in grasping the process. Come join the LEAN team! – Mara Hilliar, Office of the VP for Finance 
I thought the Lean Fluency class was great! It was the right amount of time spent on the topics, and I came out of it with a much better understanding of Lean principles, and potential application of them. If you haven’t been exposed to Lean, this is a great way to start. – Dave Boling, FP&A and UFirst
It was a fun class – interesting, informal, and informative. I learned a lot. – Joyce Dunn, PSDS

Register HERE by September 12, 2018.

If you have questions, please contact the training team at

Get on the Joyce Express!

Joyce Dunn, Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services’ Customer Service Representative, is out on extended medical leave. Joyce has been at the University for many years, and has brightened the days of countless faculty, staff, and vendors throughout her career.

Many of you have expressed interest in sending Joyce well-wishes.  Tina Brice in PSDS has volunteered to bring wishes from UVA to Joyce a few times a week. Here’s how you can help:
  • Free notecards and postcards are available in the PSDS lunch area on a shelf on top of the microwave. Place the notecard in the envelope marked “The Joyce Express.”
  • Send a card to Joyce Dunn’s attention at PO Box 400202.
  • Send an email to Shannon Wampler . She will print your email out and place it in the envelope.
Joyce is really enjoying the cards and notes, and PSDS would like to thank everyone for reaching out to help.

Meet our consulting partners

As you may have read, UVAFinance is partnering with Deloitte as our consulting firm during the planning phase of Finance Strategic Transformation. Over the next few months, you're likely to run into them if you're in Carruthers, or as part of activities and meetings surrounding FST, so we wanted to introduce them to you. Others will join the team as we move forward; we'll be sure and introduce them as well!

Jim Kemp, Lead Engagement Director

Jim has an extensive background in transformative efforts in higher education and academic medical centers. His experience includes leading planning and improvement efforts for a number of top research-intensive universities in the US, as well as leading planning projects at large, decentralized universities gaining insights into the opportunities and challenges of moving to the cloud. Prior to joining Deloitte, he was CFO for an Ivy League medical school with $1.6B in operating revenues and a faculty practice plan, and he also oversaw the financial administration of a sponsored research portfolio at a top-ten research-intensive university.

Sue DeVos, Project Management Oversight

Sue brings more than 30 years of experience working with financial senior management in universities, academic medical centers, and healthcare systems. She has 20 years of experience in consulting on the business transformation of higher education and healthcare institutions. Most recently, she served as Project Manager for the preparation of a Business Case including Total Cost of Ownership for a Workday Financials implementation at a large, public doctoral highest research activity university with a health system.

Renae Ebert, Software as a Service, ERP Financials

Renae has extensive experience working with higher education and health care provider clients on their finance transformation journey to the cloud by sharing lessons learned assessing and implementing Workday and other ERPs for multiple types of R1 institutions with related academic medical centers (AMCs). Her areas of specialization include financials, grants post-award, process design and re-engineering, functional configuration, chart of accounts design and remediation, back-office optimization, and full life cycle Software as a Service deployments for large research institutions with related academic medical centers. Most recently, she facilitated process maturity workshops and Workday Financials assessment for two large research universities with related health systems.

Tom Roake, Change Management

Tom has nine years of experience in providing change management services in support of large-scale enterprise resource planning implementations. Tom served as the Organizational Change Management lead for the implementation of Workday Financials at a R1 university, providing oversight of change, communications, and training work streams through go-live. His team conducted a change impact assessment, managed a change agent network, delivered regular communications, conducted periodic readiness assessments, supported role mapping, and managed knowledge transfer activities across the project. The team also developed and delivered a comprehensive training program and provided training to over 5,000 users.

Questions about the Online Finance Community?

Curious about the online community launching this fall on the Jive platform?  Now through the first weeks of launch this fall, we're available to answer your questions.  For an immediate response, reach out any Monday, from 2-3 or Friday from 9:30 - 10:30,  via telephone, Skype, email or in person. 

Questions and comments are always welcome at 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Finance Strategic Transformation Update

UVAFinance has engaged Deloitte as our chosen consulting firm to partner with us during the planning phase of Finance Strategic Transformation.

We’re pleased to have Deloitte on board to help us identify steps we can take to enable us to do our work even better in the future. They’re a great group that we expect will work well with our excellent team and stakeholders.

If you’d like to know more about what the planning phase involves, please visit the VP Finance webpage.

Your questions and concerns are welcome. You can easily share ideas and questions on Finance Strategic Transformation with us via

Monday, August 6, 2018

What's an online community like?

By now you may have heard that UVAFinance is expanding the Jive Community used for UBI to include a dedicated online place for everyone who "does finance" across UVA.

At first, our focus will be Finance Strategic Transformation: you'll be able to find out everything you need to know, get your questions answered, share ideas, see timelines for the project, and more.

Right now, we're busy building the community and expect to launch it in late August.  

If you're not a user (or not a frequent user) of the UBI Community, you may be wondering what an online community is like.  We've got you, Finance Fam!  Today's blog post will show you a few cool things going on in the UBI Community that will whet your appetite for the awesomeness that communities offer.   

Let's peruse a few screenshots from the UBI Community, shall we?  (after the jump)

Friday, August 3, 2018

Got a hard problem to solve? Come to this session from Organizational Excellence!

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Practical steps you can take NOW to be greener at work and home


Your workspace and home could be full of vampires!  Vampire electronics are those devices we leave on and plugged up even when we aren't using them.  Those devices cost Americans $19 billion in wasted electricity yearly.  Save money and energy by unplugging devices you're not using. 

Use this calculator to see your yearly savings when you unplug these common devices:


The ROSE Program (Reusable Office Supply Exchange) collects gently or never used office supplies from departments throughout U.Va. and makes these materials available to the community. Stop by the Recycling warehouse to drop off or take whatever supplies you like! The ROSE Program is located in the Recycling building at the end of Leake Drive, and is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

If you would like to make a donation to the ROSE program, please call U.Va. Recycling at (434) 982-5050.


Paper, plastic, aluminum, glass -- we're familiar with these, of course!  Did you know UVA also offers e-cycling, for items like batteries and electronics?  You can read more about what (and how) UVA recycles here:


Contact a member of the Carruthers Hall Green Team if you have questions or ideas about being green.

New custom order feature makes planning a catered event easier!

Planning a catered event is complicated.

UVA Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services just made it a little easier.

If your department has specific catering needs that don't always conform to the America to Go catalog's ordering options, we have good news!

America To Go has provided UVA a solution to reduce the hassle of catering orders and to make organizing a complicated event less complicated. This new custom order feature:
  • Allows anyone -- even planners without Marketplace access -- to place a custom catering order directly with the caterer.
  • The caterer enters the quote into the UVA Marketplace, and the fiscal administrator (identified by the planner) is notified by email to process the order.
  • It's a simple and flexible ordering process designed to make your next catered event easier to manage! To learn how to use this feature, please click on the guide below.

To learn how to use this feature, please see:

Collaboration Fatigue: Finance Matters

Every great organization encourages teamwork and collaboration, and for good reason: the rewards in productivity and morale are great. As workplaces become more and more collaborative, though, there's something we should watch out for: collaboration fatigue. Did you know that 20 - 35 % of all value-added collaboration comes from just 3-5 % of employees? That can put some employees on the path to burnout while leaving a significant portion of the workforce untapped. Patty and Brandi discuss this topic with guest Jessica Rafter, UBI Community Manager. 

Great book selections, great discussions: UVAFinance Book Club

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Finance Strategic Transformation Update

UVAFinance is wrapping up a few remaining details with our consulting partner for the Assessment and Planning Phase of Finance Strategic Transformation.  We expect the consultants to be on Grounds very soon and that meetings with stakeholders will begin in August.

We welcome your questions/concerns -- get in touch with us at 

Meet President Ryan on his first day!

You’re invited to a University-wide ice cream party on 8/1, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – come meet incoming President Ryan and enjoy some free Ben & Jerry’s!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Travel & Expense Team Welcomes Sharon Farina to Procurement

Sharon Farina has joined the Travel & Expense team in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services as a Travel and Expense Analyst, a role which, given her background in data analysis and her penchant for travel, seems to be a perfect choice.

Farina has worked in a temporary capacity in Travel and Expense and Accounts Payable since January of 2016. In her current role, she puts her problem solving and trend analysis skills to work in developing reports for audit purposes and identifying opportunities for improvement within the Travel & Expense program.

Farina’s work background involves analyst positions at both Bank of America and New Century Mortgage.

She has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University (in a joint program with Central European University) and her studies were completed in Budapest, Hungary – and that’s not even the furthest reach of her travel. Originally she is from Chicago, but she has lived on both coasts and in Texas, and has traveled extensively around Europe.

In addition to traveling, Farina enjoys reading and learning more about technology. She has found the environment around Charlottesville to be a perfect setting for another of her pursuits, photography.