Thursday, July 12, 2018

Our Grounds are Getting Greener

We drink a LOT of coffee.  
If you've gotten a coffee in the Carruthers Hall cafe area lately, you may have noticed a couple of new recycling boxes for K-cups.

A cooperative effort between the Carruthers Hall Green Team and Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services, these boxes are part of a new program that allows all of our used K-cups to find new life outside of a landfill: the coffee is composted, and the plastic pod is recycled.

Procurement worked with the University’s strategic office supply provider, The Supply Room Company to get the Keurig "Grounds to Grow On" program up and running in Carruthers Hall. You can see more about this K-cup recycling program here:

The next time you get a coffee from the cafe, don't forget to toss your used K-cup into the Grounds to Grow on bins -- as you can see in the pictures below, those K-cups mount up quickly, and we want to keep them out of the landfill.

These two boxes have been
filled so far, each within about

Watch for more changes soon in the Carruthers Hall Cafe, as the Green Team works to make it more sustainable.

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