Thursday, September 27, 2018

Please Stand By: The Beauty of a Standup Meeting

Shorter meetings.
Easier coordination of efforts.
Understanding of shared goals.
Stronger team bonds.
Quicker fixes to problems and roadblocks.
Sharing of ideas.
Keeping everyone in the loop.
Fewer emails.

Don't all those things sound great, like things we definitely would want? (Especially that email one!?) What if I told you that in many cases, these things are achievable through the removal of chairs?

Okay, it may be a bit of an overstatement to say that just getting chairs out of your meetings will be the answer to all your woes, but Standup Meetings deployed correctly, can be a very effective way of making the most of your team's time, reducing confusion, and getting things done.

Standup Meetings reduce the lethargy that can come with having a comfy seat under you. The mood of a standup meeting is energetic, fast-thinking, and often fun. It's easier to connect with colleagues, and definitely easier to identify problems and make decisions. 

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Here's how they work:
  • Standups usually last about 15 minutes (30 minutes max)
  • They can be held daily or weekly, or just in response to a particular question or issue
  • They usually involve team members sharing accomplishments, goals, and obstacles
  • Longer discussions can be moved offline, but those conversations are easier to have because everyone has the information and is in the same place!

Where do we have Standup Meetings? Carr-Collab 2 is now designated as a Stand Up Meeting space (this change is being made in Outlook, so folks won't be unsure of what they're getting when making room reservations). The chairs are gone, and it's outfitted with a fully-stocked laptop cart!

Still not sure about the concept? Want to see a stand up in action? Pop by the ASG Weekly Standup (10 -10:30 every Tuesday in the VPF Suite) to check it out (or ask a member of the ASG Team how it works).

Who else is using Standups? Please email Judy DiVita (or drop by to see her in Office 265) to share how your team has used this format.

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