Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Transforming our approach to learning

With the establishment of our vision, mission, and values, and the beginning of the Finance Strategic Transformation, comes an increased need to be able to connect our learning and development efforts directly to business outcomes.

In Finance Outreach and Compliance, we’ve been changing the way we design, deliver, and target training to:
  • Identify specific business needs and ensure training provides the solution
  • Include multi-phase learning to improve the learning experience
  • Ensure that learners are able to use and apply the skills and knowledge on the job
  • Establish a culture that supports and encourages the learning process
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What does this mean for employees and managers?

Employees will continue to see offerings for classes and programs (both informal and formal), but the classroom will not be the only place where learning occurs. If you have been to Lean Fluency, you have already seen an example of our new approach. Many formal training offerings will involve multi-phase learning, which will typically involve the following:

  • Phase One: Primes you for learning and ensure you arrive at class ready to learn more. It also allows for the classroom phase to be a more engaging experience!
  • Phase Two: This is what has typically been seen as the main training event (classroom or on-line) portion of the training.
  • Phase Three/Four: After the training event, we provide reinforcement of the concepts and give an opportunity for practical application as well as tools and/or resources to support on-the-job performance.
Managers will become a partner in this experience, as you will play an important role in priming and reinforcing this learning. 

Watch for more information soon on training sessions for UVA Finance managers, specifically designed to help you learn how to help establish a learning culture, provide support to your staff’s development, and play a key role in achieving business outcomes.

For more information, email finance-outreach@virginia.edu

Check out the new episode of Finance Matters for more about the new approach to learning.

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