Friday, February 1, 2019

New on Finance Matters: Speed of Trust

Finance Matters has launched a series of episodes on the importance of trust in all of our relationships, whether personal or professional.  

When there is a lack of trust, we pay dearly. The stakes surrounding trust are huge and affect our ability to be productive and happy. Without trust, things take longer, cost more, and often, never get done. Lack of trust is manifested in micro-management, second-guessing, regulation, strict operating procedures, bureaucracy, and unnecessary politics.

In Covey's book, he highlights some of the most successful companies and leaders in recent history and how a focus on trust provides a competitive edge and increases relevancy. The Speed of Trust stresses the importance of traits like integrity, accountability, expectations, loyalty, listening, respect, transparency, and many more.

We can't afford to ignore trust -- listen in and learn more!

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