Thursday, December 1, 2016

Carruthers Construction Update: A/V Installation and Parking

It’s an exciting time in Carruthers as we wrap up with construction:  people are moving into new office spaces, and new collaborative spaces are becoming available.  The patience you have had with the entire process is much appreciated.  Below, see two updates on A/V and parking.  
As we wrap up the final details of this long process, I have to ask everyone for their continued patience.  Currently, the Audio/Visual equipment in Carr-1 & 2, Carr-7 & 8, and Carr-Collab 1-3  is installed but not fully functional.  This delay is frustrating for everyone, but our vendor is working to resolve the issues.

Our plan is for the vendor to have all LSPs trained on the new A/V systems and to provide easy-to-follow wireless access instructions available to all users by the end of January. 

All Carruthers conference rooms, meeting rooms, and collaborative rooms are open for scheduling despite the limited A/V functionality.   Please go ahead and utilize these spaces;  if you need A/V, the current best option is to connect your laptop via HDMI cable.   As these are new spaces that are in transition, consider checking the A/V connections ahead of time with your LSP.

The renovation process may seem as though it’s never-ending, but I promise:  we’re getting there, and we’re getting there together, by and working around these inconveniences and helping one another out.

Thank you once more for being patient and flexible.

Those of you who read the blog have no doubt been interested in the changing parking situation around Carruthers Hall.   These changes will allow us to better utilize the parking spaces that we have.

The new long-term visitor parking in Y1 (lower north) will be in place by the end of December.  Creation of Y3 spaces in the south lot has put a crunch on the number of short-term visitor spaces available in that lot. 

All Carruthers employees and visitors with UVA parking permits (for any lot) are strongly encouraged to use the upper north blue lot so that visitors, such as students and families, will have ample parking in the south lot.

Questions or concerns on either item?  Please post a comment below!

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