Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Introducing the Finance Shirt Friday Team

Devin Foster, Alamanita Graves, Mel Miller, Stacey Parmenter,
Nick Williams, and Irene Paschall.  Not pictured:  Danielle Brown

If you've been out and about in Carruthers Hall lately, you've probably seen evidence of a renewed emphasis on "Finance Shirt Friday," and hopefully, you've been reminded to keep your UVAFinance t-shirt and/or polo in rotation and to recognize your colleagues on the Shout-Out board.

Who's responsible for this swell of Finance Shirt Friday spirit?  It's the Finance Shirt Friday Team!

The Finance Shirt Friday Team is a group of employees who answered the Culture Crew's call for volunteers to build team spirit within UVAFinance.

Composed of Mel Miller, Almanita Graves, Danielle Brown, Nicholas Williams, Stacey Parmenter, Irene Paschall. and Devin Foster, they're invigorated and eager to promote a fun atmosphere within our workplace.

The team says they aim to increase participation in Finance Shirt Friday, not just because of the possibility of prizes, but because it allows everyone a chance to feel camaraderie and meet colleagues from other areas.

"We want to showcase who we are as UVAFinance and celebrate supporting this family," says team member NickWilliams.

The group wants to extend the impact of Finance Shirt Friday, encouraging more participation from every area of UVAFinance and recognizing those who join in.

Team member Danielle Brown hopes getting more people involved will allow people more opportunities to connect with their work family.

The Finance Shirt Friday Team agrees, saying that it puts faces with names in and outside of your own department, encourages engagement, fosters unity, and recognizes the excellence that exists within our Finance community.

If you'd like to participate with this high-energy group, they would love to have you!

"We're interested in creative ideas to promote collegiality," says member Almanita Graves, adding, "more people make that creativity stronger -- the more, the merrier!"


Contact any member of the Finance Shirt Friday Team if you're interested in joining the team.

Watch for more from this group around the building and in upcoming blog posts!

More information about Culture Crew opportunities can be found here. 

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