Friday, February 17, 2023

Workday Reporting Update: Did you see this?

There were so many updates in last week's Finance Reporting & Analytics Release Notes, you may have missed one of the most interesting highlights, the new Expense Budget Vs. Actual, or Simple "BBA" report. 

This new Budget Variance report provides a simple view of Expenses in a format that is modeled on the old “BBA report” in UBI and Recon@. It shows the fiscal year Budget, MTD and YTD Actuals, open Commitments & Obligations, and variance by Spend Line Item and Category. You can use prompts to run by any combination of Worktags. All amounts are drillable to see the details or slice and dice by additional attributes.

This report was designed with input from our Fiscal Administrator Reporting Focus Group and provides a simple budget management tool for anyone who is responsible for managing expenses to a budget.
This report only includes transactions charged to a Spend Category.

Check out more goodies from current and past Reporting & Analytics releases on the UVAFinance Website. 


Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble finding the simple BBA report in Workday. Where exactly should I be looking? :)

Brandi Van Ormer said...

Just insert Expense Budget vs Actual in the Search bar and it will come up!