Thursday, August 20, 2015

HR-Finance User Group Community and Online Help

The contract with the UVa help desk vendor to provide Integrated System help and support ended in May 2015. So where can you go for help when you need it? In addition to the system toolkits where you can view training guides, and Learner Home in Employee Self-Service where you can access and review training topics, you can find help online from your colleagues and subject matter experts from the HR-Finance User Group Community! This is the online place for users of the Integrated System to find and give help and exchange ideas. Whether you are a new user or a subject matter expert (SME), this is a vibrant community where questions, answers, and discussions are welcomed and encouraged! 
To join the group:
  1. Go to “My Workspace” on UVa Collab. You will authenticate through NetBadge if you don’t already have an active NetBadge session open.
  2. Click “Membership” in the left column.
  3. Click “Joinable Sites” near the top.
  4. In the search box in the upper right, enter “HR-Finance” and click “Search”.
  5. You’ll see HR-Finance User Group in the resulting Worksite list. Click “Join”. 
  6. Once you have joined the group, navigate to the discussion forums from the menu. Whether you have knowledge to share, need help, or both, this resource is for you!

Online Self-Help is also available for both the Integrated System and the Student Information System. To access the online self-help, click on “Help” or “?” in the system and get a list of topics that are applicable within the window you have open. Use the search field and enter key words to narrow the list of available topics. Help topics are specific to UVa processes, procedures, and system customizations, and contain the most up-to-date information available.
Once you find the topic, click “Do It!” to open the customized help. The help topic opens in a smaller window which gives step-by-step instructions to follow as you complete the work in the system. See the instructions for accessing andusing the online help if you are using online help for the first time or if you need more detailed instructions.

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