Thursday, October 13, 2016

TravelUVA Presents at National Travel Conference

 Raegan Harouff from TravelUVA recently presented UVA’s travel innovation at the Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management’s National Conference in San Diego, California. Her presentation was about TravelUVA finding a “Duty of Care” solution for UVA.  “Duty of care” refers to how the University keeps track of its students, faculty and staff travelers in case trouble arises, and how both the University and travelers are notified during emergencies. To provide a solution, TravelUVA contracted with a Travel Management Company who offers a Duty of Care program; additionally, they noticed that the University had an under-utilized employee benefit - United Healthcare Global Travel Assistance Program (UHCG) - and a need for care for our travelers while they were traveling.

As a result of the TravelUVA team’s work, all travelers who use the TravelUVA Booking Tool are auto-enrolled in the UHCG Program, ensuring that our travelers are covered and are utilizing an employee benefit of which many were unaware!

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