Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clarus boards for UVAFinance Announcements and Collaborative Space are ready for use!

Have those blank spaces in the main hall of the second floor given you itchy fingers yet?  It’s finally time to take advantage of them! 

Markers and erasers have been provided for your use.  The magnetic surfaces will be ready soon; in the meantime, feel free to tape materials to the surfaces.

The idea is that we use these spaces as additional channels of communication: sharing ideas, opportunities, and questions.  Please take a moment and read through these general guidelines before you use the boards.   

UVAFinance Announcements

What goes here?

  • UVAFinance events, classes, happenings, dates to remember
  • UVA events, classes, happenings
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Community events of educational interest
  • All items should have a clear contact number/email for questions/further info

What doesn’t go here:

  • Personal for sale or free or personal help wanted
  • No professional ads / business cards 

Remember:  We have a space by the back stairs for personal/for sale notices

UVAFinance Collaborative Space

What goes here? 

  • Recognition of colleagues / teams (use the Jeffersonian “You Rock” notes, or write your own!)
  • Requests for help with current projects (i.e., if you need to connect with someone with InDesign skills, or you need someone who knows American Sign Language, etc.)
  • Ideas for collaboration across UVAFinance departments
  • What ifs, great ideas, etc. 

If there is any confusion about where your item should go, contact Brandi Van Ormer    Boards will be routinely checked for out-of-date materials and supply refill; however, if you notice something that requires attention or about which you have questions, let Brandi  know. 

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