Thursday, February 8, 2018

UBI Introduces the Travel & Expense App

As the UBI reporting tool advances, new modules and module enhancements are added to make reporting easier and more responsive than ever before. The upcoming release of UBI 14.0 introduces the Travel & Expense app, which was created for managers, administrators, and users looking to analyze data sourced from their submitted and approved expense reports and expenses.

Within the T&E app, the Dashboard provides high-level data such as Total Spending, Average Report Spending, Compliance Percentages, and can be filtered by Year or by Month. From there, users can analyze their organization’s Spending by Category, Compliance Exceptions, Expense Reports, Credit Card Usage, and Detail Reporting.

UBI developers created the app with the intent of an accessible, user-friendly – and analytical – tool that allows users to make decisions regarding their organization’s travel and non-travel expenses. With the full transition to UBI for data reporting well underway, this app streamlines processes. More users are familiar with UBI and are aware they don’t need to learn a new reporting tool or design their own reports.

The planned release date for UBI 14.0 is February 9, 2018. Please read more about UBI 14.0 on the UBI website and the UBI Community.

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