Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Help Desk System for UVAFinance

Have you made the switch to KACE?

UVAFinance has transitioned us over to a new Help Desk System, and the current CSS Help Desk has been disabled.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong and you need to submit a ticket: please take just a few moments to log in and look around! It only takes a few moments.  (LSPs have already closed over 100 tickets entered by UVAFinance using the new system last month!)

Our friendly LSPs request that you:

  • Use the instructions below to log in to the Help Desk/User Console
  • Review the two Knowledge Base tips for submitting & updating a ticket
  • Use this console to submit all help desk tickets going forward.
Here are the steps to get you started:
1. Navigate to the KACE User Console Log In Page (Make sure to add the link to your Favorites)
2. Enter your Computing ID and Eservices Password
3. Choose "Finance" for Organization
4. Click "Login"
5. In the left menu select Knowledge Base to review instructions on:
     a. How Do I Submit A Ticket?
     b. How Do I Update a Ticket?

Questions?  Contact your LSP!

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