Friday, February 1, 2019

Welcome to UVAFinance

Say hello to these new faces on our team!

Jonathan Agop, Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services

PSDS welcomes Jonathan Agop to the team in the role of Supplier Management Specialist. In his role, Agop teaches vendors and clients how to navigate and most effectively use Total Supplier Management. 

The client focus he developed during his ten-year career in the banking industry serves him well as he works with vendors and with his clients in schools and units across UVA. About his transition, Agop says that a home in finance felt like the right place for him. Since being at UVA, he’s particularly enjoyed the collaborative environment he’s found here. 

“Everyone in every department is working toward the same goal. In Procurement, my team members include me in decisions that are made even outside of my job role so that I can learn and grow,” he said, adding “I really feel the University cares about the faculty and staff members here.”

The University culture wasn’t a surprise to Agop, given that his partner, Megan Juelfs, is the Associate Director of Research Initiatives at Darden School of Business. “Everything she told me about working here was right,” he laughed.

Outside of work, Agop’s sons Oliver, 8 and Elliot, 5, keep him busy coaching Little League, T-Ball, and basketball.

Carrie Crosby, Administrative Services Group

Welcome to Carrie Crosby, who recently took a pivotal role in ASG as our Front Desk Assistant -- the first face you see when you walk into Carruthers Hall! Crosby, a seasoned administrative professional, also has a background in Fine/Studio Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Working in academia is a shift for Crosby; her background is in the corporate world as an executive assistant and office manager. 
The Crosby Family

“Even when I worked for a large corporation, we were still fairly contained,” she commented, adding that “the University is like its own little town!”

What isn’t different, and what drew her to the position in the first place, is that there are plenty of people to help and lots of projects to keep her busy. Even though she’s only been in the role a few months, her responsibilities are growing and she’s enjoying getting to know the team.

In addition to their two-year-old son, Ryder, Crosby and her husband are expecting baby #2 this July.

Alison Hyler, Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services

At one point, Accounts Payable and Payment Specialist Alison Hyler was certain that a career as an educator was the right choice for her. After completing her BA in English at Randolph College, and even starting a Master’s program, however, she gradually realized that life was pulling her in a different direction: finance.

PSDS is pleased to welcome Hyler to the team, and Hyler is thrilled to find a perfect fit between her yen to help students and her desire to delve into details.

In her role in AP, Hyler enjoys the day to day troubleshooting she does and the fact that she’s part of the mission of the University of Virginia. The skills she cultivated writing analysis papers in her English studies have translated well into the detail-oriented work she now does.

“I feel like I get to make a difference in my job,” she said.

“My day to day work may seem distant from students, but us paying the bills is a vital part of keeping UVA running. This isn’t just a random job for a company somewhere – UVA makes a huge difference to students and families and to the state of Virginia, as an employer.”

When she’s not here making sure the bills get paid, Hyler can often be found reading, drawing or painting, and playing video games with her fiancĂ©.

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