Friday, August 13, 2021

Five Things to Know about FST: August 12, 2021


1. FDM Testing is underway and will continue through March 2022.  Read more on the blog.

2. There will not be a "sandbox" or practice tenant of Workday Financials, but stakeholders can still expect opportunities to get comfortable with the tenant.  Read more here.

3. The FST Reporting & Analytics Team is meeting with a focus group to provide usability feedback on Workday Financials reports.  Read more on the blog.

4. FST web content is moving: as a part of UVAFinance's new, integrated website, FST content is moving to  The old site,, will remain live while we finalize migrating the content.  Read more about the new site.

5. The FST Team is currently building out the version of the Workday Financials tenant that we'll test end-to-end beginning September 1 to get us ready for go-live on July 1, 2022.  Read more about the testing phase of FST.

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