Monday, March 7, 2022

Change Readiness Assessment #4 Results

The end of February brought the end of the FST Project’s fourth Change Readiness Assessment. This round of assessment included the use of a Readiness Dashboard and Focus Groups.

Through these activities, the Project’s Change Management Team gathered information from units regarding overall thoughts on Workday Finance’s implementation and stakeholders' current level of readiness as we get closer to go-live. Knowledge like this informs the Project Team’s approach to communication, change management, and training.

The Readiness Dashboard

Personalized Readiness Dashboards were shared with Advisory Group Change Leaders in early February. At the February governance meeting leaders were given instructions and time to update their Dashboard.


100% of units completed their Dashboards by the end of that week, a tremendous help to the Project Team as it indicates areas of concern and informs future action plans for those areas. Moving forward, the Change Management Team will work with Advisory Group Change Leaders to implement recommended action plans. Also, Dashboards will be updated monthly at governance meetings.

Focus Groups

There were four Focus Groups held over two weeks in February. Anonymous polls and open discussions were used to gather feedback regarding participants' overall impressions of Workday Finance. Participants also provided suggestions for greater engagement and informed strategies for training and post-go-live support.


70 staff members representing end-users from each unit across the University participated in these groups. All participants have had little involvement with the project until now. The results showed positive progress toward end-user knowledge and their ability to support and implement transformation:

  • 95% of participants indicated they were familiar with the FST project.
  • 87% correctly identified July 1, 2022, as the go-live date, indicating they were well-aware of major project details.
  • It was evident that participants were eager to both learn more and to experience the system for themselves.


Four key themes emerged from this Readiness Assessment: end-users have awareness, need consistent and clear communication and engagement, need training, and need post-go-live support. With this in mind, the Change Management Team will take the following actions to help stakeholders feel even more prepared for go-live:

For more information on the Change Readiness Assessment results, check out the Fiscal Administrator resources here.

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