Thursday, July 23, 2020

Preparation to Transition Internal Service Provider Activities to Workday Financials

The FST Internal Service Providers (ISP) team has been gathering information about ISP transactions by reviewing activity in Oracle and starting to partner with schools and units. ISPs create an internal service document to record the exchange of goods/services between schools and units. Currently, UVA business units have been reassigning costs in Oracle to cover billing for ISP activity. As part of the finance transformation, billing will be brought into Workday Financials. Based on current data, there are 100+ revenue generating activities the team will consider the handling of in preparation to transition to Workday. 

Fortunately, Workday is designed to handle ISP transactions effectively. The provider of the goods/services generates transactions that go through an approval process before posting as an expense to the unit receiving the goods/services. The approval process is still being worked on to gather input from both the service providers and charging schools/units. The ISP team’s goals are to understand current operations fully, collaborate with schools/units to ensure the ISP functionality and configuration will meet their needs, and provide the schools/units being charged with more information about transactions from ISPs.

Stakeholder collaboration is essential to transitioning ISP activity successfully into Workday. In early July, the ISP team partnered with the FST training team to provide school/unit representatives with a Workday ISP demo via Workday Learning. The 35-minute demo helps stakeholders prepare for upcoming sessions with the ISP team and should be completed by this Friday, July 24. 

Coming up next, school and unit stakeholders will participate in Q&A and requirement gathering sessions. Over eight days, one-hour sessions will be held with three stakeholder groups per session. These sessions will be scheduled during the end of this month and into August. 

The ISP team will also facilitate deep-dive conversations with units with more complex ISP needs, such as Facilities Management, Business Operations, VP of Research, and ITS. Throughout these conversations, the ISP team will gather information about configuration needs and wants, which will inform decisions made during the configuration of UVA’s Workday Financials tenant.

Check out the list of ISPs here on the Community to confirm your school/unit’s key operational areas are included. Comment there with additions, questions, or to let us know if other stakeholders need to be engaged. To suggest additional stakeholders, you may also email

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