Wednesday, September 9, 2020

FST System Remediation Update

The FST team, with help from stakeholders across the University, has recently completed the first step of system remediation: identify all systems that might be impacted by the implementation of Workday Financials. The team then created the Finance Systems Inventory to keep track of all these systems. 

So, what's next? Now it's time for system owners to figure out potential impacts that transitioning from Oracle EBS to Workday might have on their systems. The FST team will supply a "Systems Remediation Network" as well as other tools to support system owners throughout this process. 

Initial membership for the Systems Remediation Network will be based on the contact information listed in the Finance Systems Inventory. If you are a system owner, you can take a look at the inventory here to make sure your contact information is listed correctly. You can send any updates to

Also, don't forget to keep in mind budget needs for remediation of any system you use. 

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