Tuesday, November 10, 2020

FST Provides Further Insight into PaymentWorks System


During the November Advisory Group Meeting, FST’s functional team answered a few frequently asked questions regarding PaymentWorks. The team is currently examining this system as a potential option for supplier onboarding and management.

One of the questions asked had to do with purchase orders. Kevin Beyer, the Deloitte Functional Team Lead, explained that the purchase order process will take place in Workday, as will invoicing and similar transactional activity. PaymentWorks is only for supplier onboarding and managing outgoing payments to these suppliers.

How honoraria payments will be processed also came up as a question. Like other suppliers and payees, visitors requiring honoraria payments would first register with PaymentWorks to enter their payment information. The invoice/payment request would then be processed in Workday.  Note, the goal is to issue honoraria payments electronically instead of issuing checks.

In past governance meetings, the team demonstrated why PaymentWorks is likely UVA’s best option for supplier onboarding and management, with its fraud protection, tailored user experience, and ability to transition away from check payments. The final decision is close to being made, and you’ll be updated as the FST project team facilitates the conclusion of this decision.

For updates on the decision status of PaymentWorks, make sure to check out the FST Decision Log.

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