Thursday, July 15, 2021

Five Things to Know about FST: July 15, 2021


1.  FDM Mapping is imminent:  early this August, FDM Mapping Exercise Leads will be ready to kick off the effort.  See a timeline and read more details.

2.  The UVA FST Glossary is online.  This resource encompasses more than just our Workday Words, and will be continually added to over the course of the project so we're all speaking the same financial language. Read more and access the glossary.

3.  CCS2 videos will be shared more widely soon.  Bite-sized portions of the sessions held this June will be shared by our Change Leaders this summer. Watch for more info!

4.  FST isn't just a tech implementation; there are many continuous improvement efforts occurring as a part of the project.  Check out installment 2 of 3 detailing some of these. 

5.  We're getting ready to head into the Testing phase of FST.  We're wrapping up Configuration & Prototype and moving into a time of end-to-end testing of the Workday Financials system.  There will be lots more info on this soon, but you can read about our new Testing Lead here.   Go Live is July 1, 2022!

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