Thursday, July 15, 2021

Upcoming FDM Mapping Kickoff

On August 3, the FST team will host a session to kick off Foundation Data Model (FDM) mapping. FDM Mapping Exercise Leads and support teams will participate in the kickoff to gain a clearer understanding of the process. See the list of FDM Mapping Exercise Leads in the latest Advisory Group presentation (slides 21 and 22).  

While the session only includes those participants, a larger group of contributors in schools and units will be key to successful FDM mapping as we determine how our current chart of accounts will transform into our new FDM in Workday Financials. FDM Mapping Exercise Leads and their teams will manage the process in their areas and coordinate with the FST team. 

Part of the mapping process includes schools and units collaborating in pods with other areas that have similar operating styles. These pods will have a member of the FDM extended working group included in each one, and a representative of the FDM team will be available to them as well. The pods will come together to share progress, concerns, and tips among members as the iterative mapping process continues over time. See the current draft mapping exercise timeline below (click to enlarge). 

For more detail, see the Advisory Group meeting presentation mentioned above. For an overview of the FDM worktags UVA will use, watch this 17-minute video on the Community. The Community also has a centralized FDM Resource Page with detailed information; the page will continue to be updated as additional resources become available for mapping. 

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