Sunday, July 11, 2021

Training Update: Role Mapping

Contributed by Patty Marbury

In previous training updates, I've mentioned "role mapping" as a part of the process of training development. In today's post, I'm going to explain what we mean by role mapping, and why it's so important.

If you were around for the implementation of Oracle, first of all, congratulations on your long career at UVA!  But also, if you were around then, you'll remember that our training for Oracle was role-based, just like the training will be for Workday Financials.  

A role-based training curriculum means that the training you receive will be specific to your role in Workday. If your work with procurement, buying goods and services for your department, then you will receive training for the procurement functions and business processes. Role-based training puts the training you receive in the context of your specific role and what it takes to perform in that role. The training is customized to the role so you can focus on the skills you need to be successful in the system and in your job from day one.

The Training Team will have to map Workday Finance business roles to individuals doing the work here at UVA so that the training can be specific to each user's learning needs.  The mapping of each role to the individuals at UVA who perform that role provides a structured way to identify any organizational and role changes, including the roles and responsibilities for individuals.  It also enables clarification of responsibilities for individuals, ensures effective training delivery to the right audience, and establishment of appropriate system security and authorization. 

We'll be working on role mapping through the beginning of next year, based on the current structure and in-scope processes.  Role mapping will follow a cycle of review from Change Leaders, Project Leadership, and others so that we can ensure its accuracy.  We’ll also work with the FST Security Team, who will manage the task of assigning security roles to end-users.


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