Thursday, March 11, 2021

Five Things to Know about FST: March 10, 2021


1.  System Remediation:  Every school and unit has systems that work with Oracle and that may need adjustments to work with Workday Financials.  Scot Thornton is heading up this work.  Check out the SRN space in the Community or reach out to Scot with questions.  More here

2. Chart of Accounts Work: The FDM (Foundation Data Model) is the Workday term for Chart of Accounts. The project team is working hard to get FDM mapping activities ready to roll; schools and units are readying themselves to validate conversions to the FDM for their particular areas.  Read more here. 

3. Reporting & Analytics: What will reporting look like in the future state?  Workday Financials will be our go-to source, but other enterprise systems will be in play.  Read more here. 

4. Three decisions have been finalized:  data warehouse conversion, per diem, and position budgets.  Read more here. 

5. We're one year, three months, and three weeks away from Go Live of Workday Financials!  The FST team is working on the second configuration of UVA's tenant of Workday Financials, and the second round of Customer Confirmation Sessions is planned for late spring/early summer. Go live of Workday Financials is July 1, 2022. See the roadmap here.

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