Monday, March 22, 2021

Many Many Hands Make Light(er) FST Work

While the scope of the Finance Strategic Transformation (FST) project is hard to forget, sometimes we can lose track of just how big the FST team is. 

The project team has 125 people on it, 80 from UVA and 45 from Deloitte, the consulting partner for the project. Learn more about the team and the team structure on the FST website

In addition to team members, many others contribute to the project through its governance groups. 

Between the Steering Committee, Advisory Group, and Fiscal Administrators Group, that's almost 700 more people. Learn more about FST governance here.  

In addition to the many contributors illustrated here, several additional groups also share expertise and feedback. Some Change Leaders (a.k.a. Advisory Group members) have recently shared sneak peaks of Workday Financials processes (learn more about those sessions) with colleagues in their areas, and questions and feedback from those sessions came back to the FST team. We're all working together to deliver the best version of Workday Financials we can when the new system goes live on July 1, 2022. 

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