Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Update from the Spend Workstream

Members of the spend workstream have come together for their first focus group meeting with representatives from schools and units. 

The group's purview is processes, strategy, and functionality related to the four areas of the Spend Workstream:  payee registration & management, requisitions & purchase orders, invoices & payments, and travel & expense.  

Together, the group aims to shape the following:
  • A shared understanding of how Spend processes can and should work
  • A common-sense approach to Spend, distilling complexity until we can get our processes as clean and simple as possible.
  • A universal language to articulate business needs.
The Spend focus group will discuss policy, process, and functionality for the four areas, and will represent the business needs of their schools and units (while at the same time thinking about the best overall strategy for UVA).  Other goals include reviewing the functionality to come, ranking process and functionality design options, identify process and functionality gaps, and prioritizing process improvement opportunities. 

At their first meeting, focus group participants echoed the wishes of attendees of the August Fiscal Administrator's meeting, with questions regarding approvals and routing, data integrity in Workday, transparency, and more.  

Topics for upcoming meetings include requisition and expense report approval flow, receiving in Workday, catalog vs. non-catalog requisitioning, payee/supplier management, invoice routing and approvals, and how to locate common queries. 

Focus group meetings are currently held on an ad-hoc basis but will happen more frequently as we approach go-live and require feedback on demonstrations. 

Thank you to our Spend Focus Group Participants!  Please contact Jenn Glassman or Sue Clements with questions or concerns. Want to see more from the Spend Focus Group?  Check out the slides from FST Advisory Group, linked here. 

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