Thursday, August 27, 2020

FDM Fever, Staying Apprised: 3 Ways to Stay (or Get) in the Know

Work on the Foundation Data Model (FDM) is heating up as the FST project progresses toward the Configuration and Prototype phase later this year. We know many of you are eager to keep up-to-date on progress with FDM, particularly how we'll transition from the current Chart of Accounts (COA) in Oracle to the new FDM in Workday Financials. 

The FDM team is currently working on putting together examples to give users a clearer idea of how the transition will work. They're currently identifying and analyzing how current common business processes are carried out in the COA to be able to create examples so users can understand the translation. 

Here are three ways to be sure you get the information you want:

  1. Create an FDM stream for yourself in the online CommunityHub. The general UVAFinance Community has lots of great information about a variety of FST-related topics, of course. But if you're really looking to hone in on a specific topic, such as FDM, you can create a stream that enables you to have content gathered for you by people and tags you've selected. Here's a link to a community post with info about understanding feeds. It also includes guidance on how to set up your own stream. There's more info on custom streams available from Jive, the CommunityHub platform. Use the #fdm tag when building your stream, or you can also always search the community with keywords or tags to find content of interest. The FDM Community page can also be your go-to.
  2. Read FDM content in the UVAFinance blog. The blog also has lots of information about the
    FST projects different areas. Using the search box in the upper left-hand corner of the blog
    landing page, you can find posts related to your interests, such as FDM.
  3. Check out the latest meeting slides. The Fiscal Administrators group and FST Advisory Group get updates about recent project activities. Slide decks from those meetings are posted promptly and are a great source of new information about FDM and other topics. 
Too much communication in too little time? Review this one-page guide to the FST communications methods to determine where to find FST information, depending on what you're looking for and how much time you have. 

On the FST Governance page, you can search for your areas representatives in the FST governance groups. Find your ambassador on the FST team to help you plug in. 

FDM vocab or Workday lingo in general confusing you? Use the Workday Words searchable glossary to help you understand. 

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