Monday, August 22, 2022

Historical Grants Data Loaded to Workday Financials

The Grants Team conducted a grants inception to date (ITD) data conversion over the past weekend to load historical data from the legacy system (Oracle) into Workday Financials.

You can now view summarized historical data for grant expenditures by Award and Grant. This historical data will appear in grants-related reports such as those highlighted in the Grants Management Spotlight Report.

The inclusion of historical data will enable you to get a full picture of all expenses on an award and enable you to accurately track and reconcile, as well as allowing you to compare budget and actuals. To view transaction details of legacy transactions, you can continue to use UBI reporting.

Visit and bookmark the Workday Financials Training page for resources such as self-paced training and quick reference guides. Office Hours are also available during the month of August, covering topics such as Account Certification, Grants Management, Reports & Dashboards, and more.

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