Tuesday, June 2, 2020

FST Grants Management Update

from Urmila Bajaj, FST Grants Management Co-Lead

After working through the business processes of grants management in several architect sessions, our team will begin working on the configuration workbook for the Workday Financials grants management module.

Quite a few of us on the grants management team have taken related Workday training, and we’ve found that using Workday Financials is very easy, with the same basic look and feel we have gotten used to from Workday HCM.  It’s been very exciting to see what the module can do; it takes many things we’ve been doing manually and automates them: institutional reporting, managing over the cap salaries for NIH, compliance, and more.

We have about 48 items to configure in the grants management module. Vonda Durrer and her team have been assisting us in converting the existing data tables and helping us with data governance.

Configuration is not a matter of only grants management data, though – it is a cross-functional process. Grants cannot be set up without the Foundation Data Model providing a funding source, so we are working closely with our colleagues on that team as they finalize the fields we will need in the grants management module.

Not only does the grants module reduce some of our current manual processes, but it also has plenty of automated features, e.g., F&A revenue allocation, NIH salary cap tracking, and many more.

There are many cool features that I can’t wait to share with the research administration community soon! Watch for upcoming sessions, and always feel free to reach out with questions and comments either here in the Community or to Vonda and me directly.

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