Thursday, June 4, 2020

RAPID Decision: Workday Expenses vs. Chrome River

Finance Strategic Transformation project decisions are made using the RAPID framework. RAPID is a decision-making tool that maps out every stage of the decision-making process, defining roles and identifying what is needed for a solid, well-informed final decision. Read more about RAPID here.

The Choice: Should UVA keep ExpenseUVA (Chrome River) as its expense management system, or adopt Workday Financials’ expense management module upon go-live?

This was not an inconsequential decision: in 2019, Chrome River had nearly 9,000 users. UVA has nearly 2500 active T&E cardholders and an average of $4.9 million pass through the system each month.

The Input: To make this decision, the team sought input from its governance groups and from those stakeholders who used the system. The process took over six months of discussion, demonstration, surveying, and gathering feedback.

The Decision: The ultimate decision to implement Workday Expenses when Workday Financials rested with project sponsor Melody Bianchetto, VP of Finance. This first RAPID decision is a milestone for the project. 


You can view discussion around the decision, as well as an expanded version of this article that includes pros and cons identified in the RAPID process, on CommunityHub.

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