Tuesday, April 27, 2021

FDM: Recommended Worktag Changes

As the Finance Strategic Transformation (FST) project readies for the build of our second prototype tenant (our instance of Workday Financials), the team has recommended some changes to the way worktags will be used in the Foundation Data Model (FDM, Workday’s term for chart of accounts). These changes will be included in this second configuration of our tenant. 

The main difference is that we will use two driver worktags instead of three, with the Program tag no longer being a driver. Driver worktags determine the values of other worktags; our approach to using them would also change slightly. Based on the selection of a driver (the two remaining driver worktags being Cost Center and Gift, Grant, Designated, Project), other worktag values will default (see the visualization below; click to enlarge). 

The difference is that now, users will have the option to keep the defaulted value or choose another from a list of allowed worktag values. This approach offers users greater flexibility while still limiting opportunities for error by only listing appropriate pre-determined allowable substitutions. These changes also mean the use of the Program tag is now optional, and the revised approach frees up Program, as it no longer drives function, for specific departmental use. Worktag definitions remain unchanged. 

Mapping for the FDM is underway, with the project team working with several schools and units to test out the mapping exercise process. View this previous FDM mapping blog post for more info about the planned approach. After a few weeks in May of refining the procedure with these collaborators, the team will have enough info and experience to provide more detailed instructions and expand mapping activities to include others. The FDM mapping tool, which the project team will use to assist with the process, is expected to be ready in July. In advance of that, progress can still be made with mapping.

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