Tuesday, April 27, 2021

FST Historical Data Decision


What was the decision? FST will not map and convert data from the past 3-5 years from the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to the new FDM. The EDW is a repository that stores and manages much of UVA's current and historical enterprise data from the Integrated System/Oracle , PeopleSoft, and Workday HCM so that it can be used by various reporting systems across grounds or provide curated data to other Data Marts. The EDW will continue to serve this purpose in the future state with the addition of Workday Financial Data. 

What does this mean for accessing data in the future? The EDW is not the same as University Business Intelligence (UBI): EDW stores data and UBI is a reporting and analytics tool used to access that data. UBI will continue to serve this purpose for historical (pre-Workday) finance and SIS/student reporting and analytics. Also, the Reporting & Analytics FST team, along with others from across grounds, is currently working on designing, building, and testing a reporting and analytics model for the future that will be useful for accessing data.

How was this decision made? The FST team brought the following questions to governance groups: What are the current use cases for access to 3-5 years of data? If the decision is made to convert 3-5 years of data, do you have the resources to complete that exercise? Once the governance groups had a chance to give their feedback the Reporting/Data Warehouse, FDM and Conversion teams continued to solicit feedback and worked on finding other potential solutions to meet needs without burdening both the project team and end-users. This feedback and information was then brought to the Executive Committee and Leadership Council for the final decision.


For information on other decisions the FST team is working on, check out the Decision Log on the FST website. You can visit this blog post for a quick explanation of the RAPID process.  

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