Friday, April 23, 2021

Huddle Up: System Remediation Network Subgroups Forming

Meerkats huddled togetherThe System Remediation Network (SRN) has started establishing subgroups, intended to help members connect in smaller numbers to discuss remediation-related topics more specifically. 

At the April SRN meeting, FST Systems Remediation Lead Scot Thornton explained that the whole group is quite large. Meetings routinely have about 120 participants of the 140 system owners on the invite list. 

Therefore, the plan is to create roughly 10 subgroups with 10-15 system owners each. The initial groups may be formed based on the planned cycle of system integrations. Such is the case for the first subgroup that has already been formed. Other groups will be more random in terms of which system owners come together. 

Thornton says, "We're setting up the subgroups so we can have a little bit more intimate, maybe system specific or process specific to those systems, conversations. They'll all be starting up in the near term—next few weeks to a month."

The subgroups will meet monthly, and the full SRN meetings will continue monthly as well. 

"Subgroup meetings will be more specific," Thornton explains, "to talk about participants' systems, where they're at, how they're doing, and how the project team can help them." 

UVA has 170 systems that need to be remediated as part of the finance transformation. The SRN and these subgroups will help ensure remediation goes well in advance of Workday Financials go-live on July 1, 2022. 

Learn more in this previous SRN blog post or visit the SRN page in the online Community.  

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