Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Guiding Principles of Training

Just a reminder of where we are on the FST journey. 

Training plans are coming together for Finance Strategic Transformation.  Although we're about a year out from training delivery, the training team has crafted a plan to design, develop, and deliver training, and improve knowledge retention.  Here are their guiding principles: 

  • Deliver role-based training to our stakeholders 60 days prior to go-live.
  • Create and empower self-sufficient end users by practicing real-life, hands-on, relevant exercises
  • Increase end-user understanding of financial processes that apply to their role
  • Provide easily understood and easily accessed training materials that promote self-service learning
  • Educate end-users on the benefits of Workday Financials, to improve adoption
  • Develop a framework for tracking and measuring training effectiveness with an eye toward continuous improvement


Keep watch in the UVAFinance blog for more information on training.  Until then, check out these past training updates: 

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