Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Reporting & Analytics: Ready (but not done) on day one of go-live!

When it comes to reporting and analytics in the future state, the possibilities are endless, but the foundation is very solid.  The Reporting & Analytics workstream of Finance Strategic Transformation will have the core reports needed for all schools and units to do their day-to-day work will be ready on day one of Workday Financials' go live even as they sketch out plans to expand beyond those basic capabilities. 

When Workday Financials goes live, much of the reporting you use UBI for today will be done in Workday (read more about that here on the blog).  On day one of go-live, you'll have access to all the reports you need to do your work, as well as dashboards that function as landing pages based on your group/role. 

Work on reporting and analytics won't stop on July 1, 2022, though -- as we inhabit Workday Financials, we'll still be capturing your requirements and building the tools you need to go forward. 

As the team considers the future of reporting and analytics, they're focusing on creating a whole toolkit of reporting and analytics tools for you to have at your disposal.  That toolkit would address some of the questions commonly heard from stakeholders:

  • Where do I find . . . ?
  • What does this term mean?
  • Where did this data come from?
  • Which report should I use?
  • What's the best source for this info?
  • Why don't these report results match?
  • What role do I need to access this data/report?
  • How is this metric calculated?
  • What reports are my colleagues using?

Reporting & Analytics' Mark Anderson visited the April Fiscal Administrators meeting to give an update on this workstream and to discuss the group's questions and ideas.  You can view the recording of that meeting here:  https://fro.vpfinance.virginia.edu/fiscal-administrator-meetings (lots of great conversation and information, plus you review the slides!)

Anderson shared that he is working closely with Johann Reinicke, who leads the HR People Analytics team, to develop plans and share Workday best practices and learnings so we can build a consistent user experience within the platform. They are exploring how we can best utilize the suite of data, reporting, and analytics tools at our disposal to provide a robust experience for all users – analysts, fiscal administrators, operational specialists, managers, and executive leadership.

The focus for go-live is on making sure we have the core foundational operating and management reports for our daily work, but we’re also expecting and planning for our data and analytics work to extend well beyond that as we all get more familiar with both the Workday platform and FDM.

The possibilities are endless!  Read more about reporting and analytics on the Finance Strategic Transformation website.  

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