Saturday, October 23, 2021

SRN Update

The System Remediation Network (SRN) continues to assess system-specific impacts and complete any necessary changes. System remediation is the process of identifying and implementing changes that are required to non-Workday systems to successfully integrate with Workday Financials or consume new financial data following the transition from Oracle. 

The network enables participants to share information, documentation, tools, and best practices necessary for effective system remediation. It will also help system owners navigate project processes, such as testing, and gain access to information related to system remediation from other FST workstreams as needed.

A reminder of who participates:
  • Owners/sponsors of systems affected by Workday Financials implementation
  • Functional and technical support staff for those systems
  • FST project support staff from the technical and functional teams
  • FST change management team members

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We are now in the third phase, or Build phase, of SRN and that entails building/coding:
  • System changes
  • Integration changes
  • Report changes
  • Unit testing

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Important updates from this phase:

  • All work tags including Project are solidified and finalized
  • Topic-specific technical workshops are being conducted to ensure system owners have the integration information they require and understand it fully
  • For those who utilize ODS (Oracle Data Store) information, the future state equivalent information will be available
  • Currently ensuring system owners know where to find data resources such as work tag value sets, crosswalks, and conversation reports and data

As the Build phase continues, the Testing phase. SRN has a dedicated area in the online Community – please visit it for more details on each phase.

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