Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Next FST Stop: Configuration and Prototype

As October ends, the Finance Strategic Transformation (FST) project hits a major milestone as the Architect phase ends. Next we enter the Configuration and Prototype (C&P) phase, during which our first instance, or tenant, of Workday Financials will be built, shared, tested, and modified. 

This phase is exciting because we'll see UVA data in the system and gain a practical understanding of how our business processes function based on the initial Foundation Data Model (FDM) design. Stakeholders will also be engaged in this phase, specifically in Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCSs). While the FST team is still working out the details (approach, participants, etc.) of these sessions, we know they will occur starting in late November through December. More information about CCSs is coming soon. 

The good news about C&P is that there is still opportunity for changes to how our tenant is constructed, including the FDM design, based on stakeholder feedback and testing results. What we learn in this first tenant build will result in some iterative changes as we go, and it will inform choices in the second tenant build that happen in 2021.

Read more about what's coming in Functional Workstream Lead Nicole Ferretti's recent post in the online Community

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