Thursday, October 29, 2020

FST Update


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As October comes to a close, we’re not only transitioning from spooky season to the beginning of the holiday season, we are also formally ending the Architect phase of the project and transitioning to the Configuration and Prototype phase.

The project team is completing the Architect stage, in which they captured design input from across the university finance community and are building the first UVA instance of Workday Financials.  This instance will contain the new chart of accounts, known as the Foundation Data Model or FDM.

In December, the team will hold customer confirmation sessions where they walk finance representatives from across Grounds through various business processes in the new environment, capturing feedback on process and the system design.

There will be at least two iterations of review, feedback, and making tweaks to the future state design before moving on to a final build of Workday Financials.

Here's what's going on behind the scenes: 

  • The functional team is resolving additional FDM design questions and tackling configuration build tasks and validation.
  • The technical team is preparing to kick off the System Remediation Network this November.  They're also working on the conversion mapping sessions and have adjusted the schedule for the grants Management functional area.  They have identified 35 system integrations to be designed and developed as their first priority.
  • The Reporting and Analytics team are working on initial drafts of report design documents for Core Financials, and are holding reporting requirements gathering sessions with Business Assets, Projects, Financial Accounting, Banking and Settlement, and Gifts and Endowments Functional areas.
  • The Change Team is working with our Advisory Group Change Leaders to make sure we’re gathering the right feedback and sharing the right messages across UVA.

We truly appreciate your continued partnership as we move into configuration and prototype.  Thanks so much for sticking with us – we’re excited to see that first build of the UVA Workday Financials Tenant!

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