Thursday, February 11, 2021

Five things to know about FST: February 11, 2021

1.  Fiscal Administrator's Meetings:  Even if you don't go to Fiscal Admin meetings, you can still access the meeting recordings and resources?  They're chock full of information, demos, and great discussions that will keep you up to date on the FST project.  Check it out here. 

2.  Sprints are underway, with the first one ending on Feb. 15. During these focused time periods, the team works to set up system features desired by end-users. Learn more about sprints here.

3. FST Decisions are made via the RAPID process.  Check out our Decision Log on the FST site.  You can also see input from our governance groups during January here.

4. FDM mapping work continues.  The team is working closely with schools and units and showing some sample mappings.  A good primer on the FDM as the new chart of accounts can be found on the Community (Video).

5.  Workday Financials goes live on July 1, 2022.  Check out the new "Countdown to Workday Financials Go-Live" section on the FST homepage. The orange text shows the year, months, and weeks to go. 

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