Thursday, February 25, 2021

What about UBI?

 As we get closer toward the go-live date of Workday Financials in July of 2022 (how much closer?  Check out the countdown timer feature on the FST webpage), a reporting and analytics question keeps coming up:  What about UBI?  Will we use UBI in the future state, after Workday Financials is implemented?

The simple answer:  Maybe.

To delve in a little further, UBI will not go away, but Workday will replace it as your go-to source for financial reporting and analysis. 

Your use of UBI will be much less than current state use, for sure.  Day-to-day finance reporting will be done in Workday, but UBI modules and reports can be used when you need to look up data from prior to July 1, 2022.  UBI will continue to be the reporting tool for student finance and student records, and it will be a repository for extracting large volume data sets for analysis.  It may also be used for some specialized financial reporting or unusual use cases that cannot be met in Workday.  

We'll have more information coming on the Reporting and Analytics workstream, so stay tuned!

Have specific questions about UBI?  Visit the UBI space in the Online Community!

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